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Identifying Learning Goals and
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Alignment of Assessment, Instruction and Curriculum with Research and Evidence Based Practices

Identifying Key Priorities, Strategizing and Creating Plans for Impacftul Implementation of Initiatives

Integrated Units that Connect Literacy, Content Areas and Global Education to the UN Sustainable Goals

How Can Your Elementary School Support its Literacy System and Programming?

Find out how to best guide growth in your setting by answering a series of questions formulated to determine your needs.

When learners and educators have access to the resources and support that meet their specific needs for growth, the path to successful learning becomes that much more clear, relevant and meaningful.


Elizabeth's work with my school was extremely helpful. We knew we wanted to improve our literacy program, but we weren't sure where to start. Elizabeth gave us an overview of the components of a comprehensive approach to literacy, and then helped us ask and answer the right questions to determine where we needed to start and how to best progress through implementation. Now we will build on a solid foundation of data and a growing understanding of what it takes to deliver and support a high quality literacy program. Elizabeth's work was grounded in deep knowledge of literacy research as well as practical classroom experience, wrapped in a professional and extremely well organized package. I highly recommend her for any school looking to improve the efficacy and efficiency of your literacy offerings!

Literacy Action Team Member, American School of the Hague

As a parent-teacher team, I felt a useful part of the process while being able to trust Elizabeth with the heavier lifting that she clearly has expertise in. My children both improved their reading and writing skills which set them up for success in later grade levels. My favorite outcome is when I see my children enjoying a good book as they now read for fun.

Parent, Wassenaar, NL

Elizabeth was one of the best teachers I have ever seen in my twenty-nine years in education. Not only did she have a wealth of research-based reading knowledge, she assumed a leadership role within our school. The impact Elizabeth had on our school is still felt today and I am so grateful that Elizabeth has continued to be a resource for us!

Administrator, Rutherford Public Schools

We were so fortunate to find Elizabeth--a English mother-tongue literacy and dyslexia specialist and an experienced and certified OG practitioner. Elizabeth worked with my 8-year-old daughter, Eva, with incredible expertise and the patience of a seasoned elementary school teacher. She followed a very clear OG program to strengthen Eva's phonemic understanding and build decoding skills while establishing a really great rapport with her. We were only able to work with Elizabeth for one year but are very grateful for the critical work she did in this first year of intervention and the support and guidance she provided to me as a parent as I began the journey of understanding and advocating for my daughter's learning needs. If you have the opportunity to work with her, take it. You won't find a better prepared professional in this field.

Parent, Rome, Italy

In the current debate around best practices in literacy instruction, Elizabeth’s work was extremely valuable, grounding, and practical. She expertly consolidated teacher input on our current literacy practices, assessments, and needs, then skillfully applied this information to propose assessment as a solid first step in our literacy inquiry. One of Elizabeth’s greatest strengths is her passion and depth of literacy knowledge On top of that, she has significant classroom experience, superior presentation skills, and the ability to hone in on what her audience needs to customize her sessions. Besides the fact that she is a lovely human being, these are some of the reasons I would recommend Elizabeth to any school that is looking to improve its literacy work.

Literacy Action Team Member, American School of the Hague

About Elizabeth

I have been a strong advocate of  equity in literacy instruction as well as aligning practices with the research- and evidence-base over the last 17 years as a classroom teacher, reading specialist, Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist , literacy leader and now, consultant. Working with diverse students, families and schools across three continents has allowed my thinking to consistently grow, especially in relation to how literacy learners make their journey from novice to expert as well as the conditions and types of systems that are needed in order to ensure success for all of our kids.