Elizabeth Reenstra

Owner and Consultant

Hi, I’m Elizabeth! I am an elementary literacy consultant, international educator, and lifelong learner with an insatiable curiosity about connections between research, instruction and literacy learning systems.

My Story

I have been a strong advocate of  equity in literacy instruction as well as aligning practices with the research- and evidence-base over the last 18 years as a classroom teacher, reading specialist, Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist , literacy leader and now, consultant. Working with diverse students, families and schools across three continents has allowed my thinking to consistently grow, especially in relation to how literacy learners make their journey from novice to expert as well as the conditions and types of systems that are needed in order to ensure success for all of our kids. 

No matter where I have landed, a continued passion has been putting together the pieces of the literacy research puzzle in order to uncover engaging and powerful ways to support all students and across the content areas. Every student deserves to be seen for who they are as an individual and to be given every opportunity to become a confident and skilled learner.

While drawing from the research base to inform practice is incredibly important, developing both a strong culture of learning and literacy system in our schools is necessary to promote continued growth.  With this triangulation in mind, I have utilized facets of both implementation and improvement sciences to create a framework that drives literacy consulting projects and allows for deep impact. 

I look forward to hearing about your story and literacy journey in order to determine how I can best support you along the way!


My Values & Beliefs


Truly effective strategy and implementation work is integrative work that solidifies our “why” and guides us toward a more clearly defined pathway forward


Literacy is a vital and complex topic. Its instruction is also hotly contested. Navigating it all, objectively and successfully, to give kids the tools they need to flourish requires support


Skillfully gauging a learning ecosystem’s actual needs for literacy health and prosperity allows for more meaningful and sustainable growth

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