Guiding Literacy Growth’s new Explorer Opportunity offers a simple and cost-effective way to uncover the pathway to enhancing your literacy system.

The Opportunity

Unlocking students’ future success begins with a strong literacy system in elementary school. But how do we ensure the system is performing at its best? Enter the Guiding Literacy Growth’s Explorer Package—a simple, cost-effective tool for schools to evaluate and improve their literacy programs. With clear insights gained from pausing and zooming in to pinpoint where intervention is needed, schools can make targeted decisions that increase students’ learning potential.

Through six guided sessions over two weeks, Guiding Literacy will delve into your literacy system and curriculum framework alongside your staff. Your team will receive their assessment results quickly, with a precise and actionable path to strengthen your system. Structuring this program as a cohort facilitates collaboration among schools, fosters shared insights and practices, and provides valuable insights into how your school compares to other international schools on key system indicators. This program will be offered at a special rate for this initial cohort of schools, with the anonymized findings compiled into a report that will be distributed to schools to support future learning interventions, training, and funding requests.

The Process

6 exploratory sessions conducted entirely online that include 4 focus groups and 2 audit sessions of assessment and curriculum


Quick, Actionable Results

Upon completion of the exploratory process, your school will receive a customized school report that includes:

  • An objective and thorough analysis of your school’s current literacy system supported by audit evidence
  • Highlighted strategic areas for opportunity
  • Future access to comparative cohort insights


Are you ready to realize your elementary school’s full potential?

Reach out via or through the contact me tab to apply and for more information.