For Elementary Schools & Educators

Services offered to support international schools and their teachers

Selection of personalized service options for schools that can include: literacy programming audit, data collection and analysis, strategizing priorities, implementation planning and professional development with ongoing support

Individual or team coaching to identify goals, create action plans for chosen strategies and collect data to monitor implementation

Advice for administrators, instructional coaches or teacher leaders on literacy practices to look for during observations, or learning walks, to determine strength of programs

Guidance in choosing assessment tools and curriculum resources that align with the evolving research- and evidence-base and that match your school’s needs

As educators and administrators, we wear many hats day to day. One of the most important is actually that of a learner. While educators are often thought of as leading or guiding their students and administrators, their staff, we are all also learning right alongside each other, especially as we try to keep abreast of current practices, explore ways to meet the needs of our diverse student and school populations and create deeper impact in our literacy programming.

Our very ability to effectively educate depends greatly on engaging in iterative cycles of learning so that we can identify more meaningful initiatives and construct stronger pathways forward that will make changes an actual part of our learning ecosystem and benefit all of our learners.

There are times, just like our students, that we may need support in navigating and understanding the abyss of literacy topics in educational research as well as how we can use them to leverage growth in our school. As we gain even more insight from the breadth and depth of research, it can be highly beneficial for international schools to have guidance in understanding where they can continue to strengthen or improve their literacy work and also, by someone who understands their setting firsthand. Because time in schools is so valuable and there is so much to contend with, recognizing where you may need to prioritize change and why, along with generating a solid strategy and plans for implementation processes, ensures that not only is your time well spent but also that your plans come to fruition and lead to deeper impact. 

Reach out for a free, 30 minute consultation to determine which service offers may be tailored to best fit your school’s specific needs.